Guns of Glory: guide & gameplay to progress the game


Guns of Glory is a free to play mobile game Century games. It’s a well known strategic mobile game on iOS and Android which iOS free to play. After the release, the game did not perform well in the audience of mobile gamers, but after a few major updates, the game made its mark on top charts on strategy games. The loveliest thing about this game is the design of characters and graphics of location, which is so attractive. Gold is the main currency, as well as Guns Of Glory Hack 2020 helps in buy resources and new weapons.


In the game, the player has built his strong kingdom to start life and make his kingdom bigger. It is a multiplayer and real-time strategy game which required fast decision making while attacking. From the beginning, in the game, the king of the kingdom starts building his place from a very small land. To grow the kingdom bigger and stronger, it required various types of resources and weapons.

Weapons are required to attack another kingdom to earn currencies to build our kingdom. Without the gold currency, players cannot buy resources and land for the kingdom. It required a lot of efforts and patience to build a huge empire. With the help of currency and Guns Of Glory Hack 2020 player can add the defense for the kingdom, so if any other kingdom player attack on them, they do not get to succeed, then use Gog cheats.