3 in-game currencies of Dragon City

The Dragon City an exciting game which is consists of several aspects. Here the player needs to collect the dragons of different species of dragons. Moreover, a player needs to breed then as like a small kid and trained then according to winning aspects. Through the playing character, the player will get the chance to invite friends for making it more effective.

In some cases, if the player is not able to collect the coins, then there is no need to worry. One can easily make the collection of resources through the use of dragon city hacked.


In the entire playing section the currencies are of three kinds:


The coins are the primary currency of the game. A person can buy several things through the help of coins. Moreover, for making the dragon strong, you can use the coins for growing more crops. The coins can be quickly earned by completing the challenges and events.


The gems are used for making the game more exciting. With the help of flowers, one can easily upgrade all the playing aspect. However, you can use the gems for making the playing section easier and gaining high scores. It is challenging to collect, so most of the players use real cash.


It is a kind of premium currency of the game because the player will use this as breeding the dragons. So the player needs to pay attention to food. He/she can collect the food in exchange for cash and gems.

Thus, these are the three main currencies of the game that the player needs to collect. Collect a higher amount of coins with the help of cheats and hacks.